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Senior Technology Consultant

Remote | Part Time | Consultant Role

At Zenio Partners, our mission is to help early stage companies scale their technology in the optimal way. Our panel of top-tier engineers, engineering leaders and CTOs assess the technology of these companies and provide key insights and recommendations. Our customers include venture capital investors (who use our services as part of their investment due diligence efforts) and operating companies (who seek our assistance at key inflexion points throughout their growth journeys).

All of our consultants have experience in established technology companies or high-profile venture-backed startups and scaleups with strong engineering cultures. They have been in the trenches and they know the pressures and resource constraints faced by early-stage companies.

About the role

We are seeking to add experienced engineers, engineering leaders and CTOs to our panel of consultants. Our most common project types are: 


1. Technical due diligence for venture capital investments 

2. Technical advisory for early stage technology companies

The former project type typically follows quite a consistent structure: we explore the prospective investee company's product, architecture, infrastructure, code & engineering processes. The output is an executive summary and a report which flags any significant risks and makes additional recommendations.  

The latter project type can involve a diverse range of work, from assessing and advising on technical debt, technical direction, organisational design, engineering management processes and lots more. 

As a panel-member, you will be offered projects that are a good fit for your experience as they arise. There is no minimum commitment needed - you can accept or decline projects as you see fit.

Our projects are all fully remote.

About you

  • You have 10+ years of experience in your domain, and you have worked for a large technology brand name, or a high-growth venture-backed startup / scaleup.

  • You have extensive experience as a senior engineer, engineering leader, CTO or similar.

  • You have deep experience with modern web-based technology stacks.

  • You have strong opinions on how early stage companies should select the optimal technology stack for their business needs.

  • You are enlivened by conversations about technology choices, technical direction, technical trade-offs, etc. 

  • You are not drawn towards recommending en vogue technologies because they are technically interesting (eg. Microservices, Kubernetes, etc.). In scenarios where you do advocate for using en vogue technologies, you do so because they solve real business problems and they represent the optimal choice, factoring in trade-offs around migration effort, ongoing maintenance, etc.

  • You are not afraid of advocating for more mainstream technology choices, if they are the best technical solution, factoring in the above mentioned trade-offs.

  • As well as being a passionate technologist, you are interested in people and the challenges of building a successful technology startup or scaleup.

Sounds great! Where do I apply? 

Right here! ⬇️

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